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  • Villa Taranto

    Opening Villa Taranto, Pallanza 12. March 2022

    In March 2022, Villa Taranto reopens with its unique botanical gardens.

    Further information: Villa Taranto

  • Zitrusfest

    Citrus Festival in Cannero, 12/13 and 19/20 March 2022

    From 12 until 20 March 2022 Cannero offers visits through the citrus gardens, information about cultivating and use in the kitchen.

    Further information: http://www.cannero.it/de/

  • Kamilien

    Camellia exhibition in Cannero, 26/27 March 2022

    Further information: www.cannero.it

  • Kamelie

    Camellia exhibition Locarno 23.- 27. March 2022

    Locarno welcomes spring time

    The camellia, the flowering ambassador of spring, heralds the arrival of spring in Locarno. In the city, a camellia garden covering 12,000 m2 and 900 varieties can be admired.

    Further information: http://www.locarno-ascona.com

  • Ostern

    Sentiero d`arte Trarego 2022

    A smaller “art trail” (Sentiero d`Arte) will also take place this year! Various artists will exhibit their works from June 16 until June 19.

    Further information: http://www.sentierodartetrarego.it

  • Natalie Welz

    Qigong with Natalie Welz, 19. – 22. April 2022

    “8 Brocades” can give peace and strength for everyday life and contribute to more flexibility, a conscious posture and a more intensive body awareness.

    Further information: http://www.qigongbielefeld.de

  • Alpenhornkurs

    Alphorn class with Andi Recht, 15. – 22. May 2022

    Final concert in the garden of Villa Morissolina.

    Further information: http://www.blaswerk.ch

  • Jazz Ascona

    Jazz Ascona 23th June – 02nd July 2022

    Further information: http://www.jazzascona.ch

  • Moon & Stars

    Moon & Stars Locarno, 14th – 24th July 2022

    During the Music-Festival Moon & Stars Locarno you can see a lot of famous musicians from all over the world on Piazza Grande in Locarno.

    Further information: http://www.moonandstars.ch/

  • Film Festival

    Filmfestival Locarno, 03th – 13th August 2022

    The Locarno International Film Festival has been held every August since 1946. Hundreds of films are shown during 10 days.

    Further information: www.locarnofestival.ch

  • Beate Mährlein

    Feldenkrais with Beate Mährlein, 02.-08. and 09.-15. October 2022

    Hikes and excursions in the surrounding area combined with Feldenkrais and Qi Gong movement classes in one of the most beautiful parks overlooking Lake Maggiore.

    E-Mail: beate.maehrlein@t-online.de
    Further information: http://www.heilpraktiker-maehrlein.de